Monday, January 18, 2010


Well I was put on bedrest last week and so far it has actually been kind of nice to just relax. I have slept so much which obviously I needed. I'm sure I will get bored soon but not so far! Tyler is home sick today which I think is preparing me for having a baby since he is acting so much like one. Ha! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday where she will either tell me that my swelling/blood pressurehas gone down enough to come off bedrest or they will schedule a date to be induce . I have been cheating quite a bit though but no more until my appointment. I went on a date with Tyler and to church and looking at houses so I haven't been exactly staying off of my feet like I should be. I have been checking my bp every day and it isn't going up or down so we will just have to wait and see.

I hope to have some good news on Wednesday and will keep everyone posted. In the meantime I will be reading/relaxing and enjoying my quiet time before life gets crazy! Tyler does need to get better though b/c if he is sick in any way when I go into labor then he can't be around Preston which would be awful. Keep us in your prayers!

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The Toogood's said...

ahhh poor Rachel! At least it's almost over... and I am praying for good news for you! Take good care of you & I know it will all work out perfectly! Say a little prayer for us bc Graham has still not turned & we are having to try everything but he is losing space! Talk to you guys soon & keep us updated!